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The Sleep Center of Austin Medical Director



J. Douglas Hudson, MD ABSM


Dr. J. Douglas Hudson’s career in neurology and sleep medicine is highlighted by a series of firsts.  Seeing a great need, he brought his knowledge and skill to found the first neurological clinic in Austin.  As the founder of Austin Neurological Clinic, he brought the first CT scanner, and later, the first MRI scanner to our community.  In keeping with his passion for knowledge and service, he would become the first board certified sleep physician in Austin and open Austin’s first dedicated sleep center in 1979.  


Dr. Hudson founded Sleep Medicine Consultants, a pioneering practice that utilizes an advanced sleep testing facility, The Sleep Center of Austin, to go beyond Obstructive Sleep Apnea and comprehensively manage all sleep-related disorders.  Known nationwide as a thought leader in sleep medicine, he is highly sought after to lecture and plays a key role as a principal investigator in the research and development of new procedures and medications to restore healthy sleep worldwide.

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