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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a physician's order to get a sleep study?

Yes, a sleep study, just like any medical diagnostic test, does need to be ordered by a physician. Any physician that can prescribe can order a sleep study. If you don't have a relationship with a doctor and would like to see one of our own sleep specialists, please call our partner physician group to schedule an appointment. 512-420-9900


How much does it cost?

Most insurance plans will include coverage for sleep disorders. Deductibles and out of pocket expenses vary from plan to plan, but all costs associated will be explained prior to scheduling your study. If you do not have insurance, The Sleep Center of Austin offers very competitive self-pay rates. 


Is a sleep study covered by my health insurance?

Mot of the time insurance plans will include coverage for sleep disorder diagnosis, treatment, and management. If you are unsure about your insurance plan's coverage for sleep, we would be happy to assist you in finding out


Does The Sleep Center provide cash-pay options?

Yes, if you don't have insurance and are still interested in completing a sleep study, a self-pay arrangement can be made. 


When will my results be ready? 

Sleep Study results are read and interpreted by a board-certified physician usually within 5-7 business days. Holidays and physician availability can vary, so sometimes this can take longer. Your results will be faxed to your referring physician as soon as they are completed. 


Who interprets sleep studies at The Sleep Center of Austin?

The Sleep Center is proud to have some of the best sleep doctors in central Texas interpreting our sleep studies. Board certified sleep physician Dr. Hudson interprets most of The Sleep Center's studies. Arrangements can be made if you or your doctor would like another physician to interpret your study, just keep in mind that the doctor has to be board certified in sleep for this to be allowed. 


Will I be able to sleep with all of these things on me?

The body sensors are applied in a manner that will allow you to turn and move during your sleep. Generally, you will not be aware that you are wearing the devices after they have been on for a short time. The lab technical team makes the environment as comfortable as possible, within the constraints of a monitored setting. Most of our patients get a very restful nights sleep!


Will the sensor devices cause discomfort?

Sometimes, in preparing the sites for sensor application, there are mild temporary irritations; please inform us if you have any known sensitivity to particular tapes or if you have a latex allergy.


Do all rooms have a queen size bed?

Yes! At The Sleep Center of Austin, all of our rooms have queen size Sleep Number beds. 


Can I use my own CPAP/BiPAP machine?

During a sleep study, information about your CPAP/BiPAP pressure is recorded as part of your sleep study, therefore lab machines are used. Your physician may instruct you to bring your mask and equipment to your appointment to check the pressure setting.


Can I smoke or drink alcohol?

No smoking or drinking is allowed on the premises.



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